Windows 7 – Understanding XP MODE

I am sure for a lot of you thinking of moving to WIN7,  you’re hoping the XP mode is the answer to your compatibility issue you might have in your district.  Will it work for you in your environment?  Do your machines have the horse power needed?  You also have to think that not all installs will require this option, maybe it’s only your elementary level systems due to older software running.

Which customers should use Windows XP Mode standalone?

Windows XP Mode standalone is suitable for small and medium business users, who are able to set their XP applications themselves and may or may not have IT Professional staff. Each PC has its own virtual Windows XP environment that is controlled and managed by the end-user. Windows XP Mode standalone is not designed for large, centrally managed deployments that have widely deployed business applications that require Windows XP.

Q & A article – Understanding XP Mode

How MED-V V2 Helps you manage Windows XP mode


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