Let’s face it there are more and more threats by hackers today that are taking advantage of less tech savvy people and our kids.  These individuals are going online and may click on a window or open an email they shouldn’t.  They have purchased a computer and many do not realize they require security software or that the installed security software needs to be updated regularly.  I believe there are many parents who just don’t know how to protect their kids.  The schools do a great job protecting the kids online when at school, but are these same kids protected when they go home.   As a technology person I believe it’s our obligations to make sure kids and parents  stay safe when they are online.  Anyone that deals with kids or parents need to try to educate them and make sure they practice save surfing when online.  Microsoft employees feel the same way and have tried to make it simple, a great article follows… 

How to: Easy Steps to Help Keep Your Munchkins Safe Online

What does Windows Live Family Safety do?

  • Gives parents control over when Windows will let your child use the computer, what games your child can play, and what programs your child can run. If your children use multiple computers, the choices will roam with them to each computer; they simply need to log in with their username and password to any PC in your house already configured with Family Safety.
  • Filters images, which is helpful if your child visits websites that allow other users to upload images. This feature works best on Windows 7 machines with faster processing power.
  • SafeSearch is locked for Bing, Google, Yahoo! and other popular search engines to prevent your child from seeing adult content in search results.
  • Has contact management, which provides parents control to monitor or restrict the contact list for their child in Windows Live Hotmail, Messenger and Spaces.
  • Provides requests management, which allows requests from a child to a parent to be aggregated in a single daily email allowing you to manage them more efficiently.
  • Restricts ads, which means children’s Live IDs that are added through Family Safety and logged into the Windows Live network, will not see advertisements when using Windows Live services.

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